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Matt Bullinger, REALTOR®

Matt Bullinger

Realtor and Photographer for Schrader Realty Representing West Central Ohio homeowners and future homeowners, ...

Buying and selling homes is alive and well during the pandemic

Matt Bullinger

As a real estate consumer, you need to know that the housing market is currently one of the bright spots...

A Baby Boomer’s Guide to Aging in Place

Matt Bullinger

As real estate agents, it’s only natural that we’d rather you sell your home than remain in it, “aging i...

Homebuying on a tight budget? Consider a townhome

Matt Bullinger

If rapidly rising prices are making you feel squeezed out of the single-family home market, consider downsizin...

Staging your home for video tours

Matt Bullinger

We recently shared with you what has been happening in the real estate industry during the COVID-19 pandemic. ...

Working from home? 5 tips to make your home office more efficient

Matt Bullinger

Call it what you will — working from home, remote work or telecommuting – it wasn’t that long ago th...

Avoid planting these trees

Matt Bullinger

Aside from autumn, early spring—before bud-break—is the ideal time to plant trees. And, if you’re thinki...

The 3 most popular vegetables to grow in a pandemic garden

Matt Bullinger

“Sow the Seeds of Victory” was a phrase familiar to all Americans in early spring of 1917. We hadn’t yet...

Summer is on the way: Is your home ready?

Matt Bullinger

Isn’t the internet amazing? The answer to just about any question you may have can be found with just a...

What to do if you can’t make your mortgage payments

Matt Bullinger

It seems like only yesterday that the word “foreclosure” dominated the headlines as millions of Americans ...


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